6 Ways to Save Money on Home Repairs

When you’re a homeowner sometimes it seems like it doesn’t stop, the repair bills just keep piling up. It can definitely get frustrating at times, the never ending repairs, the necessary upgrades, and the winter maintenance. With all of these expenses hitting you it can be pretty beneficial to save a little money on them from time to time, boost that bank balance up a bit.

st george home repairs

All it really takes is a little bit of ambition, and courage to not immediately call the professionals whenever something breaks. Believe it or not there are a lot of things you could probably figure out yourself, so before making that phone call see this list of some DIY home projects.

1. Doing Repairs in the Off-Season

A few home repairs have prices that fluctuate during the year. The furnace guys going to charge more in the fall and winter than he is during the summer, same as it is for getting your gutter cleaned. So have these things checked and fixed before winter comes around to save a little cash.

2. YouTube Tutorials

There are thousands of DIY repair videos found on YouTube. There are furnace repair videos that have 90K views. You would be amazed at what you can learn how to fix yourself by watching YouTube. So next time before just picking up the phone, use your phone to do a Google search for your problem and you just may get lucky, and have a nice tutorial on how to fix something yourself.

3. Borrow or Rent Tools

Sometimes the cost for DIY repairs seems prohibitive because you don’t have the tools necessary to complete the job. But there are a plethora of places that allow you to rent tools, if you can’t borrow them from a neighbor or two. Some Home Depots have these tool renting places that are fairly priced. So don’t be afraid to find the tools to fix your home yourself.

4. Don’t Buy the Labor and Materials Together

Contractors often add a premium on the materials they use, so if you do hire a contractor make certain you ask them if there’s a markup on the materials they’re going to use, and if so then get them yourself beforehand. This has the potential to save you a lot of money, plus you’ll get exactly what you want and need.

5. Manufacturer’s Rebates

If its appliances that you need then make certain you look for the potential rebates that are often added by manufacturer’s. They’ll do this for surplus items or things they’re phasing out that are still good. Last year’s models and such, so look for them to save you more money.

6. Preventative Home Maintenance

There are a few simple things that you can do to your St George home to help prevent more serious repairs down the road. Simple things like changing the filter in your furnace regularly, and cleaning debris from around your home to keep the dirt and other things out. Taking walks and inspections of your home often to see if there’s a small issue that you can catch before it becomes a larger issue.

And that’s it, those are some simple DIY tips to save money on home repairs. None of these things are fun to do, but it’s all part of owning your own home in St George.

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