7 Grill Safety Tips to Keep Your Family and Home Safe

Outing with a family and bonding with old friends is really a welcoming sight to see and cooking your favorite hot dogs, burgers on the grill is really entertaining. But when you are cooking on the grill you should be very careful, even a little bit of negligence can cause server damage and you will never forget the day for all the wrong reasons. So it is always safe to be prepared for unexpected emergencies.

Grilled BBQ Wings
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According to the fire safety division of Colorado, every year more than 150 people get injured in Colorado either in residential fire or in grill fires. According to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) inattentive cooking is the main reason for home fires in the country

Here you can find some safety tips that can help you prevent fire accidents before they happen.

1. Maintain a safe distance: According to Denver Fire Department placing the grill on a proper place is very important. Position the grills away from deck railings and siding and don’t put them under overhanging branches and eaves. Maintain a safe distance; place it away from play areas, lawn games, and people.
2. Proper Dress to Protect: It is always suggestible to wear proper clothes while cooking on the grill or anywhere else. Avoid wearing loose or baggy clothes or aprons with strings and frills while cooking. And use fire resistant mitts when you are handling the food on the grill.
3. Proper equipment or tools: It is advisable to use proper tools while cooking food on the grill like long handle spatulas, basting brushes, tongs to protect from flames and heat.
4. Keep safety equipment ready: keeping fire extinguisher ready is suggestible especially when you experimenting food on the grill, and before that learn how to use a fire extinguisher. According to the recent reports that around 27% Americans do not have a fire extinguisher in their homes. And one-third of householders do not know how to operate fire extinguishers. For these people try aerosol fire spray such as Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray, it is easy to use, and a very convenient option.
5. Always Attend the Grill: No matter what you should always be attentive while cooking on the grill. Don’t keep hot grill unattended.
6. Keep the grill clean: Always keep the grill clean, once you are done with cooking, clean it properly, remove all fat or grease buildups from the grill trays.
7. Check the Grill before using: check for wear and tear, if it is a propane grill then look for any fuel leaks before using it. During the winter season, make sure to store your grill in proper place. To find fuel leaks if any, put some soap water at the gas connection, if there is a leak you will see the bubbles, so that it helps you to take care of it immediately.

Always be prepared for unexpected fire emergencies. Maintaining safety measures is always important, get some video on safety measure and learn how to protect yourself from fire accidents. The ASLA (American society of Landscape Artists) Colorado offers outstanding suggestion for making the perfect outdoor grilling activity more fun with friends and family.

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