7 Oddly Unique Ways to Bump up the Value of Your Home

There are always tips and tricks to selling a home at a good price and quickly. You’d be surprised at some of the things that we’ve found to help people sell homes faster and at higher prices! Here is a list of 7 oddly unique ways to bump up the value of your home for listing purposes.


Photo Credit: Jason Toff on flickr

  1. Most people believe that renovating their homes kitchen or finishing the basement is what will bring more value to the home and help to sell it faster. This is not entirely true, although renovating the kitchen for $22,000 definitely helps, you will really only be making back about $0.50 to each dollar you spent on renovation. Bathroom renovations will rake in more per dollar than a finished basement or remodeled kitchen, a little over $1.50 per every dollar you spent.
  2. St. George statistics show that the best time to sell a house would be in spring time. Also home buyers are more comfortable investing in a house since most of them probably just received a good tax return. The warm weather helps to bring buyers out to look for homes as well.
  3. Avoid bad keywords on listings such as; “TLC”, “Potential” and “Unique”. Try to stick to words like “Luxurious”, “captivating” etc. This will help to keep the sale price up. Also, the longer and more detailed listing, the better and more likely to make a sale.
  4. Listing a home at $449,000 rather than $450,000 can sell your home up to four days more quickly.
  5. Look for a female agent, they tend to sell houses faster and at higher prices.
  6. The name of your street can affect the price of the home. Listings on a “Street” rather than a “Way” can drop the value of the home. Homes with street names that include “Lake” or “Sunset” can sell up to 16% more than homes with just numbered streets.
  7. Seven is bad luck (ironically). House numbers that have a “777” drop the price value of the home by 2.1 percent!