With 360 days of sunshine, the St. George area is ideal for biking. There are trails for every age level and experience.

For additional maps and information please contact the local bike shops: Red Rock Bicycle Company 435-674-3185, or Bicycles Unlimited 435-673-4492; or contact the Bureau of Land Management Information Center at 345 E Riverside Drive 436-688-3246, or Zion Canyon Field Institute at 435-772-3264 or 800-635-3959.

Anasazi trail complex within the Santa Clara River Preserve. Multiple riding options, from easy to technical. Petroglyphs, views of the river gorge. The main trail is 6.6 miles Out-and-back. Some cliff-side riding. From Anasazi Valley TH, easy family ride to native American farm site and rock art. Season year-round.

Barrel Roll
6-mile loop within the Santa Clara River Preserve. Moderate total climbing but gentle and steady. Great views of the area. Intermediate technical. Season year-round.

Barrel Trail
Barrel trail links to the top of Green Valley raceway DH course (or hill climb) to the Bearclaw Poppy trailhead, Lots of  riding options. Some easily-accessed (hard to do) off-trail stunt areas including gap jumps and drops. Season year-round.

Bearclaw Poppy
Bearclaw Poppy Single-track winds around the mesa from Green Valley to Bloomington. Famous Three Fingers of Death, acid drops with Clavicle Hill, and Roller Coaster. Technical skills easier  with some short “walkable” sections with some advanced technical skills. Light climb. A must ride! Season year-round.

Black Brush
Black Brush Good for horses and foot traffic, but ridden by cyclists. 4.2-mile lariat loop within the Santa Clara River Preserve. Moderate total climbing with a few stiff pitches. Upper-intermediate technical. Views of Santa Clara River gorge. Season year-round.

Bloomington Micro-Loop
Bloomington Micro-Loop, 6-mile ride in the desert west of Bloomington, 2/3 single-track, intermediate technical, easy climbing. Season year-round.

Bluff Street Cliffs
Also called Owen’s Trail. Short single-track and slickrock ride on north edge of St. George, climbing along the cliffs. Intermediate technical, mild climb. Season year-round.

Broken Mesa Rim
Broken Mesa Rim, Technical downhill single-track. For skilled riders, full suspension recommended. Moderate initial climb then long downhill. Point-to-point  or loop with shuttle. Season year-round.

Church Rocks
Church Rocks, West of I-15 between Washington and Quail Creek. Slickrock and some single-track. Mild climb, intermediate technical. Season year-round.

City Creek – Rusty Cliffs
City Creek – Rusty Cliffs,  One of the more popular rides from the red cliffs north of St. George to the northern border of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, along the road to Veyo. Mild climb, intermediate technical, alternate route has advanced-technical Slickrock. Season year-round.

Cove Wash
Cove Wash, Bottom ride in the Santa Clara Preserve area, shared with ATV’s. 4 miles to a viewpoint over the Cottonwood Wash breaks. Connects to alternate ride options  to Stucki Spring. Season year-round.

Dino Cliffs Trail
Dino Cliffs Trail, Open rock and desert single-track, has an out-and-back loop ride, or a route to Church Rocks or Prospector. Loop is just over 4 miles, minimal climbing. Eastern end suitable for beginners. Season year-round.

Gooseberry Mesa
Gooseberry Mesa, A Must-Ride! Fantastic riding area on a mesa southwest of Zion National Park. Single-track and slickrock, fun technical stuff and stunts. Advanced technical. Only brief sprint-type climbs. Season February through mid-December.

Gooseberry Mesa Northeast Rim

Gooseberry Mesa Northeast Rim, Long uninterrupted single-track along the northeastern edge of Gooseberry Mesa, not officially sanctioned. Local advocates are working on BLM access and private land issues. Around 10 miles of single-track, 15-mile loop. Advanced technical. Great views. Season February through mid-December.

Gooseberry Mesa White Trail
Gooseberry Mesa White Trail, Great family ride. Easy technical, small amount of climbing on double-track (jeep road) that runs the length of Gooseberry Mesa. Around three miles, with options for longer rides, including combination with short sections of single-track trail. Great views. Season February through mid-December.

Gooseberry Harris Secret Trail
Gooseberry Harris Secret Trail, This trail is one of the toughest trails on Gooseberry. It’s narrow and highly technical. Reserve trail is for experienced riders who’ve done The Gooseberry enough to be bored with the (awesome) “regular” trails. 13-mile loop. Season February through November.

Gooseberry Windmill
Gooseberry Windmill, Shorter than the bigger loops to the south, Alternate loop on the north end of Gooseberry Mesa.  Single-track runs along the northern cliff edge. Moderately-advanced technical, no big climbs. Season February through mid-December.

Gould’s Rim Trail (Hurricane)
Gould’s Rim Trail, Single-track running from the cliffs above Hurricane along Gould’s Wash. Links to top of J.E.M. trail for option of long loop using Hurricane Rim Trail. Light climbing. Some narrow twisting. Single-track makes this upper-intermediate technical. Season February through mid-December, winter when dry between storms.

Grafton Mesa
Grafton Mesa, Double-track to viewpoint, then steep drop down to old coach road. (Eroded into a single-track) to the valley. Steep descent sometimes tricky. Loop 9.5 miles in length with 1100 elevation gain, top altitude 5000 feet. Located just outside Zion National Park. Season late March through late November.

Guacamole Trail (Highway 9)
Guacamole Trail, Single-track and open slickrock riding. Technical intermediate to advanced, with plenty of stunt opportunities. Around 8 miles in length, little elevation gain — a lot of ups and downs. Located just outside Zion National Park. Season February through mid-December, winter when dry between storms.

Hurricane Rim Trail
Hurricane Rim Trail, Single-track running from the cliffs above Hurricane along the edge of the Virgin River Gorge. Links to lower end of J.E.M. trail. Out-and-back, one-way with shuttle from upper or lower JEM trailheads, or option of long loop using Gould’s Rim Trail. Moderate climbing. Rough rock makes this upper-intermediate technical. Season February through mid-December.

Icehouse Trail
Icehouse Trail, This is a 6-mile downhill from the base of the Pine Valley Mountains down to Washington. Shuttle or 18-mile loop. Season March through early December.

J.E.M. Trail
J.E.M Trail,  Climb to the northern edge of Gooseberry Mesa near the town of Virgin, then descend to the Virgin River on a single-track. Intermediate technical, modest climbing. Season February through mid-December, plus most winter days.

Little Purgatory
Little Purgatory, This is a 6-mile loop with a highly technical descent over rough rock. Moderate climbing, by the Historic Babylon trail. Recommended for advanced – experts only. Season year-round as snow and rain allows.

Little Creek Mountain
Little Creek Mountain, Awesome new trail system east of Hurricane, south of Gooseberry Mesa. Includes 3 ride options: West Mesa 9 miles, The Point Loop 9 miles, Sandstone Loop 6 miles. Single-track through pinion forest plus broad areas of slickrock. Stunts and fun technical stuff. Advanced technical, little climbing. Season April through November.

 Moenkopi Trail, plus La Verkin Creek
Moenkopi Trail – La Verkin Creek,  Around 7 miles in length. Two rides: up-and-down out-and-back ATV-track, occasional climbing, nice views, easier technical.  Connects to La Verkin Creek gorge ride, head up-creek. Located north of Hurricane, just east of La Verkin. Season March through mid-December. Not recommended during wet weather!

Nephi’s Twist
Nephi’s Twist, is a short double-track ride up a colorful wash near La Verkin. The non-official version includes a highly technical ridge-line ride. For advanced to expert.  But this single-track can only be found by those who know exactly where it is. Season March through early December.

Owens Trail
Owens Trail, Also called Bluff Street Cliffs Trail. Short single-track and slickrock ride on north edge of St. George, climbing along the cliffs. Mild climb, Intermediate technical. Season year-round.

Paradise Canyon
Paradise Canyon, Is a short loop north of St. George. Features the easier Turtle Wall trail along the sandstone. Links to other trails in the Red Cliffs Desert Preserve. A little climbing, intermediate technical. Season year-round.

Pioneer Park and Pioneer Rim
Pioneer Park and Pioneer Rim, Slickrock area on top of the cliffs north of St. George. 2 rides-quick and easy, longer and technical. Pioneer Rim has a little climbing, advanced to intermediate technical. Season year-round. 

Prospector Trail
Prospector Trail, trail runs along cliffs from Leeds to Washington. Dirt single-track, little climbing. Intermediate technical.  Connects to Church Rocks. Season year-round.

Quarry Trail
Quarry Trail, easy-short trail extends from the St. George airport to a basalt quarry site on Black Hill, where rock was quarried for the Mormon temple foundation. Easy technical. Season year-round.

Raceway at Green Valley
Raceway at Green Valley, This race loop starts between the valley of  Bearclaw Poppy trailhead and Green Valley, just southwest of St. George. Moderate climb, intermediate technical. Season year-round.

Red Mountain Trail
Red Mountain Trail, Tough 2.7 mile ledge and rock climb from Diamond Valley to an overlook above Snow Canyon, northwest St. George. Moderate climb, advanced technical. Season March-December.

Rim Rock, Rim Runner, Rim Rambler, Rim Reaper Trails
Rim Rock, Rim Runmer, Rim Rambler, Rim Reaper Trails, Located in the Santa Clara River Preserve, This 6.7 miles with 600 feet of climbing. this system of trails offers various riding options, includes easy to more difficult rides. Season year-round.

Santa Clara River Preserve
Santa Clara River Preserve, Single-track trails just southwest of Santa Clara. Trails link to more trails within the preserve on this page. Season year-round.

Sidewinder Trail
Sidewinder Trail, Single-track trail, 5 miles with options for longer rides using Barrel Roll. A mile of moderate climbing.  Intermediate plus technical.  Season year-round.

Silver Reef Trail
Silver Reef Trail, The scenery on this trail has the best of both worlds, the bright  peaks of Zion Park to the junipers and lush pines of Pine Valley. Trail is about 26 miles.  The trail begins in the brush of Silver Reef Ghost Town, east of Zion, and heads north and west via FR 031 over the south base of Pine Valley Mountain. The trail veers south on FR 033 and finishes at the east side of St George. Trailhead starts 27 miles north of St George via I-15, Leeds exit and follow the signs to Silver Reef.

Snow West Canyon Trail
Snow West Canyon Trail, Located north of Ivins, Graded roadway climbs up West Canyon from the bottom of Snow Canyon.  Easy technical, light climb. Season year-round.

 Snow Canyon Loop
Snow Canyon Loop, Bike trail (paved) that loops from the northwest corner of St. George, through Ivins, and Snow Canyon. (Short stretch in upper Snow Canyon requires use of the road.) Easy technical, but a moderate climb. Season year-round.

St. George Paved Trails
St.George Paved Trails, See photos and map of paved trails in West St. George: Lava Flow, Halfway Wash, Sand Hollow. Summary and links to Snow Canyon Loop and Virgin River Parkway. Easy technical. Season year-round.  

Stucki Springs
Stucki Springs, Single-track through the desert south of Santa Clara, joins the Bearclaw Poppy trail at Clavicle Hill. Loop option using the Raceway. Some climbing. Intermediate technical. Season year-round.

Sunshine Loop
Sunshine Loop, Gravel road with single-track forms a loop right at the Arizona border southeast of St. George. Easier-intermediate technical, light climbing. Season year-round.

Toquerville Falls
Toquerville Falls, This 12 mile round trip is an old favorite ride for the local teens. It’s a dirt road to Toquerville Falls. You have to climb over a mountain to get there. Total climbing will be 2300. Season March through November. 

Virgin River Parkway
Virgin River Parkway, Bike trail (paved) from Bloomington into St. George, following the Virgin River. NO Climbing! Very easy technical. Season year-round.

Warner Valley
Warner Valley, 6 Miles – Two loops, easier technical (Honeymoon Loop), 11 miles upper-intermediate (Warner Valley Loop), mostly single-track in the desert of Warner Valley. Little climbing, fairly high-speed ride. Located 15 miles east of St. George. Season year-round.

Warner Valley Cholla II Loop
Warner Valley Cholla II Loop, 10.5-mile loop in northeastern Warner Valley. Some slickrock, A few short sandy sections, and a couple of technical spots. Fairly high-speed, intermediate-tech ride. Season year-round.   

Zen Trail
Zen Trail, 6-mile loop in Green Valley on the southwest corner of St. George. Offers a bit of advanced-technical challenges, moderate climbing. Season year-round.

Zion Canyon and Pa’rus Trail
Zions Canyon and Pa’rus Trail, Bike trail are located in lower Zion Canyon connects to road up Zion Canyon to the mouth of the narrows. Light steady climb, easy technical. Cars can be a problem when the shuttle buses aren’t running. Season mid-February through mid-December.