Washington County has a comfortable temperature and climate with low humidity during winters and about 300 sunny days throughout the year. With its nice climate, it is considered to be one of the best places where you can live and retire in the whole country.

With its desert-like climate, at an elevation of about 2,760 ft, it is a perfect place where you can enjoy leisure and other recreational activities. In fact, it is home to 10 championship golf is also one of the biggest growing areas in the state and the outlook remains to be positive.

Located at the southwestern part of Utah, St. George which is considered to be the biggest city with about 80,000 people. Washington County has about 150,000 residents and this population is continuously growing. St. George features an amazing valley nestled by picturesque sandstone cliffs. With its beautiful backdrop, you get to enjoy the breathtaking and scenic spots which make it a top tourist destination and also a viable location for potential investors attracting more than 2 million of visitors every year.

The area gives access to big markets in the United States making it a top destination for businesses. With its continuous growth and development, the area offers viable business opportunity for business firms. From its nice weather to beautiful spots, business will surely prosper. There are a lot of reasons why businesses are attracted to invest in the city. On top of that, individuals can enjoy living in areas where they do not have to experience heavy traffic, a high crime rate and highly crowded places.