Dixie Regional Medical Center

River Road Campus—1380 East Medical Center Drive
400 East Campus—544 South 400 East
Health & Performance Center—652 South Medical Center Drive

The Dixie Regional Medical Center are located on two campuses on River Road and 400 East features a 245 bed capacity. Dixie Regional Medical Center is considered to be a charitable hospital that is managed and owned by Intermountain Healthcare. Our mission is to be able to provide quality healthcare services for everyone. A non-profit research firm, Verispan, ranked Dixie Regional Medical Center #1 in the country’s integrated healthcare systems. The hospital  also provides advanced medical services including a health center, newborn intensive care, open-heart surgery and a cancer center.

Coral Desert Imaging Center

1490 East Foremaster Drive, Bldg #C, St. George | 435-986-2238

Coral Desert Imaging Center is equipped with the state of the art and advanced diagnostic imaging techniques, the Coral Desert Imaging Center enables physicians and patients to have innovative means for diagnosis. Coral Desert Imaging Center uses Phillips MRI system, patients can experience ease and comfort during the exam as it lessens the anxiety of patients and those who are claustrophobic. The technologists working for the Coral Desert Imaging Center are certified.

Coral Desert Surgery Center
1490 Foremaster Drive, Bldg #C, St. George | 435-674-5230

The Coral Desert Surgery Center is a top notch medical facility specializing and providing quality outpatient surgical services including the following: endoscopy, general surgery, gynecology procedure, gastrointestinal, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, plastic  surgery and urology among many others. The surgery center only has the best trained staff to provide you quality and safe medical services.

The Doctor’s Volunteer Clinic

1036 E. Riverside Drive, St. George | 435-656-0022

Doctor’s Volunteeer Clinc offers patients having a hard time paying for medical bills for free provided that the citizen can really not afford to pay. For its continued operation, the clinic is supported by different organizations and agencies. Just call the clinic for appointment.

Family Health Care

168 North 100 East, Suite 101, St. George | 435-986-2565

Every year, the Family Health Care accommodates and provides medical services for about 6,500 people and about 17,000 patient for hospital visits. Its full time staff includes 2 physicians, 3 physician assistants, Americorps member and a clinical social worker, all of which are bilingual fluent in English and Spanish. The Family Health Care also accepts private health insurance and even for patients who do not have any insurance, they offer discounts. The center offers a wide range of medical services including dental services, prenatal and delivery services. The price of prescription of medication is also much more affordable to patients. To book an appointment, you can call 435-986-2565. There is also a satellite clinic located at 2410 E. Riverside Dr.

Snow Canyon Clinic
272 E. Center Street, Ivins | 435-986-2300

Snow Canyon Clinic is a multi-specialty medical facility, Snow Canyon Clinic offers various medical services. Whether you are looking for internal medicine, diagnosis, specialty evaluation to other services like pulmonary, neurology, infusion, cancer, podiatry clinics and sleep disorders. They are equipped with highly advanced imaging center like ultra-sound scanning, CT PET, 3D MRI.