How to Pick the Perfect Building Lot in St George

When you’re looking to move your family to southern Utah, or maybe just across town, the question often becomes “how to pick the perfect building lot?”. This question is one that we encounter so much, and the answers quickly become subjective, because what may be a major concern for one family, may be completely different for another. Some people may want to be close to shopping and downtown, whereas others may want to be out in the outskirts of town where things are quieter and just a little slower. In any case no matter where you’re planning on building in St George (or surrounding areas), there are a few things you can do to help find that perfect lot.

Front Porch Swing

First and Foremost Drive

When looking for that prime time building lot in St George, drive. If you like a specific neighborhood drive all over it. Know where the train tracks are, the heavily-traveled highways are, the parks, the trails, all of it. Evaluate to the best of your ability the area’s outlook for growth. If the area is fast growing be prepared for infrastructure, public services, and schools to lag behind the population growth.

Consider Your Commute

Unless you’ve got one of those illusive stay-at-home jobs, take the drive from your lot to work during rush hour. Get a general feel for how long it will take you to get to and from work, as these things really are factors that will affect how much you like your new home and lot down the road.

Do Your Research

If you have kids make sure you do your research on what schools they’ll be attending, and how they’re performing, as well as how close are they. The closer you can get to a school the more time you’ll save day in and day out shuffling kids back and forth. Also it helps to know about the real estate taxes in an area. Whether there are specific assessments that have been added for new schools and interchanges. These things can directly affect your bottom line.

Pick Your St George Building Lots Location

When you’ve finally decided on where you want to build, or which subdivision you want to be in, the last step is deciding which location? Do you choose a cul-de-sac that has lower traffic but harder access in and out of your neighborhood? They’re secluded and great for children, but they also make it so your front yards are much more narrow, which in turn you may make you place your home farther back on the property which decreases your backyard area. Or do you pick instead a lot close to the entrance that has better and easier access, but has more traffic and more noise?

These things are all items that need to be thought of when looking for the best building lot in St George. As always if you have any questions about them or help in finding the best lot please give me a call and I’ll walk you right through it.

Photo Credit: Richard Elzey on flickr