What is a Smart Home you ask? It is a home that has appliances that can be connected to your computer or mobile device and be controlled from them. They’re becoming more and more popular each year and are advancing quickly along with our smart phones. There are so many benefits to having any type of smart device, but we all know that it comes at a cost as well as having their own downfalls as well. So.. Are they making our lives easier or are they a bit much? Here are some of the pro’s and con’s of having a smart home or smart home devices.

home smart home
Photo Credit: adeline bailey on flickr


  • In the long run, smart homes and devices can save you a ton of money by decreasing utility bills and automatically controlling certain things that boost the cost of living.
  • Easy and convenient access to your home from your phone wherever you are!
  • Advanced security. Cameras, automatic locking devices, motion sensors and much more! This can also qualify you for insurance savings.
  • They provide home owners with the comforts of less maintenance on things like lawn care, laundry, phone chargers, light utility costs and so much more.


    • Installation and product costs can be ridiculously high.
    • Any damage to the internal system can cause the whole system to fail and can cost an arm and a leg to repair.
    • Every internet connected device has potential to be hacked or catch viruses. Especially the wirelessly connected security cameras have potential to be interfered with from other signals causing false alarms to go off, etc.

As of right now, smart homes are considered a luxury, although there are smart home devices that can be purchased without turning the entire home into a smart home. Smart homes can be fun, cool and classy, but they definitely come at a cost and with some potential issues, just like everything else. Just because they are smart, that does not mean they are perfect!