Why Moving to St George is a Good Idea

Planning on moving to St. George, but need a little extra motivation or maybe a few more reasons? Completely understandable. Moving can be quite scary, as well as stressful. Let us help alleviate some of that stress by giving you some of the main reasons it is definitely going to be a good idea to move to St. George.


1. Warmth

So we understand that to some, this can be really hard to adjust to the heat of the summer. But on the positive side, the smoldering summer heat only really lasts for about 2 months at most. Think about spring, fall and even early winter! The weather around these times of year is quite enjoyable! That’s like 7 out of 12 months of the year where the weather is absolutely perfect, not too hot and not too cold either! Plus, snowfall here is fairly rare, which means less accidents, no snow plowing/shoveling and no scraping ice and snow off your windshields in the winter months.

2. St. George’s Backyard

One of the many reasons people decide to move here is the fact that Southern Utah has some of the most beautiful landscapes in Utah. From Snow Canyon State Park literally a 20 minute drive away, Bryce Canyon being only 2 hours away and Zion National Park being only about 45 minutes away. We live in the promised land of Utah.

3. Economy

Utah was rated as one of the top states in the U.S. for having the best economy, due to being one of the U.S.’s top centers for technology, mining and transportation. Meaning Utah is very prosperous, and continues to grow. St. George is definitely booming and is one of the fastest growing cities in Utah.

4. Quality of Life in General

Most who move to St. George will find that the city offers them a higher quality of living. This is due to the fact that living costs are lower than most states, wages are higher than average of most states and many people see that the spectacular landscapes contribute to their well-being and sense of serenity in life.

St. George is one of the most beautiful, safe, fun and amazing places to live. Adventure lives just around the corner, peace of mind lies within the red rock. Making a home here is one of the best decisions someone can make.